Monday, September 24, 2012

Sons of Anarchy 503?

Who dies?  For all of us die-hard SAMCRO fans, Tuesday night is going to be epic for us!  I'm glad the season, so far, has not been AS explosive as last season.  It really has been a slow boil of sorts and I'm glad that we had one episode where no one dies.  But all good things come to an end.  Who will we lose in Tuesday's episode?  Most webpages I've shamelessly stalked since last Tuesday give 6 options; Unser, Tig, Juice, Clay, Opie and Tara.

Everyone's money seems to be on Unser, since his roll has drastically changed from Season 4 to now.  He has cancer, doesn't seem to be taking care of himself and was violently attacked in the home invasion.  The more I think about it, which is probably too much, would Kurt Sutter really make it that obvious?  After all, you have a few SAMCRO members headed to county for their role in the murder of 2 Niner's on the freeway.

Pope must have some deep pockets as previews for 503, lead the viewer to believe that Pope is setting up many hits on the Sons during their time in jail.  He also says that he needs a dead Son and the viewer can see this in the preview where the jail personnel echoes that exact same statement.

I think after the untimely death of someone either in the club or someone very close to the club, the slow boil will be no more.  Jax is playing with the big dogs now and he needs to channel his anger and get revenge the smart way.  Only time will tell.

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