Saturday, September 15, 2012

The start or an introduction of sorts??

I have been told multiple times that I should start a blog.  The comments get more and more forceful till they finally peak out, and I break down.  So, here I am.  

I argued with myself internally for many, many months about writing and posting online, because if I talk about something illegal, couldn't that be considered pre-meditation?  I guess the "I don't care", beat the knowledgeable and sensible side of me.

I used the famous Google and researched about what service to use and even took a "quiz" of sorts, to see if I was suited for this type of adventure.  Here is the conclusion.

Darren Rowse published a blog of sorts in 2006 with questions to determine if writing a blog is for you.  As I read over the questions and formulated my own answers, I also gained insight on how to write my first blog entry.  I am so grateful for this tiny gem out of nowhere, because I wasn't sure where to start...or when my musings should end.  These are some of the questions he asked and my answers.

1.  Do you enjoy writing?

I love to write.  Always have and probably always will.  Granted, the writing styles and forms have changed since I was writing books for the Young Author's programs in elementary school, but I do have a grasp of English language and grammar.  Writing seems like such a lost art form with the advance of technology; almost like having an actual phone conversation where you speak to the person, not just text them.  I'm a firm believer in throwing a slew of curse words at a person during a fight and then sending a long text/email explaining why I said every single curse word.  I believe in writing handwritten letters and I wish I was still the age where I could write notes to friends and pass them along.  Life was so simple then; lines didn't seem blur as far as the context of the note and people were much easier to figure out.  I still believe in using good grammar in emails and texts and it drives me insane when I communicate with those who don't.  Currently, I would much rather write the truth and leave the fiction up to the professionals.

2.  What's your Message?

I don't have one.  Yes, you saw that correctly.  I do not have a message.  I don't want to write about how to save money using coupons or how being the spouse of someone in the military has thrown my life into constant turmoil.  Why, you may ask?  Because this is about me.  For me, by me.  I imagine that I may reference both of the things above soon enough, but I don't want it to be my message.  So, if you are looking for a message even relating to something like that, this blog is probably not for you.

3.  Do you enjoy reading?

Simple answer here.  Yes.  Because if I did not throw myself into books and television, I would probably be doing very, very bad things.

4.  Do I enjoy virtual relationships?

Heaven forbid they can't be any worse than actual, face-to-face ones.  Plain and simple.

5.  Are you willing to be in a public spotlight? (He states blogging is a public activity and I thought it was kind of obvious)

No, no.  I don't really deal with me being public anywhere, yet here I sit.  I had the Myspace page when that was the fad, moved on to Facebook and just deactivated it, have a Twitter account which I love and now a blog.  Random note, may be reactivating my FB to keep up with my child's activities; or at least that's what I keep telling myself.  I'm not doing this to become a celebrity or make millions.  Although, if the offers happened to fall in my lap, I couldn't see myself turning them down.  I hate having a public life period and often thought about joining a commune in the middle of nowhere.  I hope you don't think I'm joking.

6. Are you a social person?

No, not in the least bit.  I hate going to the grocery store for the fear I may have to run from someone I know.  And yes, I have done that very thing just recently.  Maybe I should rephrase myself.  I don't like being put in social situations with awkward people.  Which leaves out pretty much every aspect of day to day life.  Common courtesy and manners go a long, long way and leave very lasting impressions.  I'm not sure what people are being taught these days, but it's certainly not that.  Stick me in a room with people who can talk about the latest news; and no, I don't mean Facebook news, and I'm golden.  I would rather talk about the weather and show my true age, then try to decipher the "hidden" meanings behind a 20something's social networking site.

Those are just a few of the questions he asked on his blog and some of the more relevant ones I thought I should answer fully.  If you want the tiny details, that are part of a much larger package, then here they are:  I have a 6 year old child; I'm married to someone in the Army, but don't call me an "Army wife"; I'm unemployed yet have 2 degrees, that's probably a little more common than I beat myself up about; I'm not domestic so my husband does suffer a tiny bit when he as to wash his own clothes or cook for himself, I just call it survival of the fittest and he should learn; I'm OCD (self-diagnosed) and ADD (physician diagnosed); My tolerance level is shot, and I'm far less patient then what everyone thinks I should be; but, all those random things put together make a pretty good person somehow.  I live in the here and now, not the then and should be.  That, my friends, is called reality.  And this is mine.

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